Gotaku wo Naraberu (御託を並べる – Harping on the Same String)

  • Gotaku wo Naraberu


    To say something selfish continuously or to harp on the same string is described as gotaku wo naraberu (御託を並べる) in Japanese.

    Gotaku (御託) is short for gotakusen (御託宣) — go (御) is a polite prefix and takusen (託宣) means “divine revelation.”

    In addition, naraberu (並べる) usually means “to arrange something,” but here it implies “to say something continuously.”
    また、「並べる」は “to arrange something” を意味しますが、ここでは “to say something continuously” (何かを言い続けること)を表しています。

    Therefore, the literal meaning of gotaku wo naraberu is “to say divine revelations continuously.”
    したがって、「御託を並べる」の文字どおりの意味は “to say divine revelations continuously” となります。

    Originally, gotaku/gotakusen didn’t have a negative connotation, but that changed due to people who spoke selfish/tedious words as divine revelations.

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