Shakariki (しゃかりき – Eagerly)

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    We use the term shakariki (しゃかりき) when expressing that someone works hard or struggles.

    It is thought that shakariki was made by combining two words: shaka (釈迦) and riki (力).

    Shaka (釈迦) means “Buddha” and riki (力) means “power.”
    「釈迦」は “Buddha,” 「力」は “power” を意味します。

    That is to say, shakariki came from the fact that Buddha did everything possible in his power for people’s happiness, or the fact that people stood in awe of the power of Buddha.

    Sometimes people identify shakariki with gamushara, but the nuance is different; gamushara contains the meaning of “desperation.”

    【Example sentence】
    Shakariki ni natte benkyo suru (しゃかりきになって勉強する – I study very eagerly.)

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