Hyō and Arare (Hailstone)

  • Hyō and Arare


    Around noon today, a lot of large hailstones fell in Hachioji city, Tokyo.

    I was astonished because loud noises suddenly rang out from outside the windows.

    The reason seems that cumulonimbus clouds developed rapidly due to the passing of a pressure trough accompanied by cold air.

    Surprisingly, the diameter of the hailstones was more than 1 cm.
    驚くことに、氷粒の直径は 1 cm を超えていました。

    In Japan, hailstones are called hyō (ひょう) when the diameter exceeds 5 mm, whereas they are called arare (あられ) when the diameter is less than 5 mm.
    日本では、氷粒の直径が 5 mm を超えると「ひょう」、5 mm 未満の場合は「あられ」と言います。

    Incidentally, hyō and arare often fall in early summer and early winter, respectively.

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