Amenbo (アメンボ – Water Strider)

  • Amenbo


    The English word “water strider (gerridae)” is referred to as amenbo (アメンボ) in Japanese.
    英語の “water strider (gerridae)” は、日本語で「アメンボ」と呼ばれます。

    It is thought that bo (ボ) came from the suffix (坊), which represents familiarity, or (棒), which means “stick” (because water striders have long arms and legs like a stick).

    ’Ame’ (アメ) has two different major meanings: ame (雨) meaning “rain,” and ame (飴) meaning “candy.”
    「アメ」は複数の意味を持つ言葉で、”rain” を意味する「雨」と、”candy” を意味する「飴」があります。

    Can you guess whether the ame in amenbo came from “rain” or “candy?”

    The correct answer is “candy.’

    The scent glands of water strides emit a sweet smell like candy.

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