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Minazuki (水無月 – June)

  • Minazuki


    In Japan, when referring to months such as “January” or “May,” we almost always say the number of the month (1-12) first, followed by gatsu (月 – meaning “month”).

    However, in the past, Japanese people used a unique way of referring to months, called wafū getsumei (和風月名 – literally meaning “Japanese-style month names”), which is still sometimes used.

    This month, June is minazuki (水無月).

    Since mi/mizu (水) means “water,” na (無) usually means “no/nothing” but here it means “of,” and zuki/tsuki (月) means “month,” the literal meaning of minazuki is “month of water.”
    「水」は “water”、「無」は通常 “no/nothing” ですが、ここでは格助詞「の」を、「月」は “month” を意味するので、「水無月」の文字どおりの意味は “month of water” となります。

    It is said that the name minazuki came from the fact that people let water flow to the rice fields in this month.

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