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Amenbo Akaina Aiueo (あめんぼあかいなあいうえお)

  • Amenbo Akaina Aiueo


    In my post yesterday, I introduced the word amenbo (アメンボ), which means “water strider.”
    昨日は “water strider” を意味する「アメンボ」という言葉を紹介しました。

    The word amenbo appears at the beginning of a Hakushū Kitahara’s song Gojū-on (五十音), which is often used for Japanese voice and tongue training.

    The beginning of this song is amenbo akaina aiueo (あめんぼあかいなあいうえお).

    Since akaina (あかいな) means “red,” and aiueo (あいうえお) are the first five characters in hiragana and are vowels in Japanese.
    「あかいな(赤いな)」は “red”、「あいうえお」は五十音におけるはじめの5文字で、日本語における母音です。

    That is to say, the meaning of amenbo akaina is “a water strider is red,” and it is thought that aiueo is just added for the purpose of learning hiragana.
    すなわち、「あめんぼあかいな」は “a water strider is red” という意味ですが、「あいうえお」はひらがなの学習用につけられたものだと思われます。

    Incidentally, some water striders seem to be red, but most are not.

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