Ugo no Takenoko (雨後の筍 – Appearing in Succession)

  • Ugo no Takenoko


    When I was reading a news article on the Internet, I found the Japanese idiom ugo no takenoko (雨後の筍), which was used to express that high-rise apartments were built one after another in a city.

    Since u (雨) means “rain,” go (後) means “after,” and takenoko (筍) means “bamboo shoot,” the literal meaning of ugo no takenoko is “bamboo shoots after the rain.”
    「雨」は “rain,” 「後」は “after,” 「筍」は “bamboo shoot” を意味するので、「雨後の筍」の文字通りの意味は “bamboo shoots after the rain” となります。

    It is generally known that after it rains, bamboo shoots grow one after another.

    Because of this, Japanese people have come to use this idiom to express that things appear in succession.

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