Tokei (時計 – Clock/Watch)

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    Tokei (時計 – clock/watch) are very important to our lives.

    Tokei is composed of two kanji: 時 and 計.

    Since 時 means “time” and 計 means “measuring,” you may think it is reasonable that the composition expresses a clock/watch.
    「時」は “time,” 「計」は “measuring” を意味するので、「時計」が “clock/watch” を意味するのはもっともらしく思えるかもしれません。

    However, the kanji 時 doesn’t have the reading of to (と).

    Originally, tokei was written as 土圭, and it meant a latitude measuring instrument or a sundial in the Zhou Dynasty in China.

    It was imported into Japan in the Muromachi period, and the kanji form was changed to 時計 in the Edo period.

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