Entenka (炎天下 – Under the Hot Sun)

  • Entenka


    In summer, you can hear the word entenka (炎天下) on Japanese TV news.

    Since en (炎) means “fire/blaze,” ten (天) means “sky,” and ka (下) means “under,” so the literal meaning of entenka is “under the blazing sky.”
    「炎」は “fire/blaze”、「天」は “sky”、「下」は “under” を意味するので、「炎天下」の文字どおりの意味は “under the blazing sky” です。

    In other words, it means “under the burning sun.”

    Some people say entenka no moto (炎天下の下 – the literal meaning is “under under the burning sun”) or entenka no naka (炎天下の中 – the literal meaning is “in under the burning sun”), but these phrases are not correct Japanese.

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