Tomin no Hi (都民の日 – Tokyo Citizens Day)

  • Tomin no Hi


    October 1st was Tomin no Hi (都民の日).

    Since to (都) means “Tokyo,” min (民) means “people/citizens,” and hi (日) means “day,” the literal meaning of tomin no hi is “Tokyo Citizens Day.”
    「都」は “Tokyo”、「民」は “people/citizens”、「日」は “day” を意味するので、「都民の日」の文字どおりの意味は “Tokyo Citizens Day” です。

    Tomin no hi was established by Tokyo in 1952, and most elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools in Tokyo are closed on this day.

    I had no idea about this day until recently, because I started living in Tokyo after graduating from my university.

    I heard that many facilities in Tokyo, such as Tokyo Sky Tree, zoos and aquariums, are free to enter on this day.

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