Sudatsu (巣立つ – Leaving a Nest)

  • Sudatsu


    In my yesterday’s post, I used the Japanese word ‘sudatsu‘ (巣立つ).

    Since ‘su‘ (巣) menas “nest” and ‘datsu/tatsu‘ (立つ) means “to stand” or “to fly,” the literal meaning of ‘sudatsu‘ is “to fly a nest.”
    「巣」は “nest”、「立つ」は “to stand” や “to fly” を意味するので、「巣立つ」の文字どおりの意味は “to fly the nest” となります。

    Of course, this word literally can mean that birds’ children grow and leave their nests.

    However, when using it to people, it means that children leave their parents or graduate from school/university then go into the world.

    By using this word, you can emphasize feelings of pathos compare to just saying ‘shakaijin ni naru‘ (社会人になる – literally means “to become a member of society”) or ‘dokuritsu suru‘ (独立する – literally means “to become independent”).

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