Megashira ga Atsuku Naru (目頭が熱くなる – One’s Eyes Fill with Tears)

  • Megashira ga Atsuku Naru


    The day before yesterday, a graduation ceremony took place at my university.

    When I saw students who would spread their wings, my eyes filled with tears.

    When one’s eyes fill with tears like my case, it can be expressed as the Japanese phrase ‘megashira ga atsuku naru‘ (目頭が熱くなる).

    Me‘ (目) means “eye,” ‘gashira/kashira‘ (頭) means “head,” and the combination means “inner corner of one’s eye.”
    「目」は “eye”、「頭」は “head” を意味し、「目頭」で “inner corner of one’s eye” を意味します。

    In addition, ‘atsuku naru‘ (熱くなる) means “to get hot,” so the literal meaning of this phrase is “inner corners of one’s eyes get hot.”
    また、「熱くなる」は “to get hot” を意味するので、この慣用句の文字どおりの意味は “inner corners of one’s eyes get hot” となります。

    It is thought that it comes from the fact that tears accumulated in your eyes would make you feel warm.

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