Sihou Happou (四方八方 – Every Direction)

  • Sihou Happou


    In my previous post, I introduced the word ‘happou‘ (八方), which means every direction in the surroundings.

    Of course, ‘happou’ itself makes sense, but if you want to emphasize that directions are diverse, you can use the four-character idiom ‘sihou happou‘ (四方八方).

    Shi‘ (四) means “four,” ‘ha/hachi‘ (八) means “eight,” ‘hou/pou‘ (方) means “direction,” so the literal meaning of this idioms is “four directions and eight directions.”
    「四」は “four”、「八」は “eight”、「方」は “direction” を意味するので、「四方八方」の文字どおりの意味は “four directions and eight directions” となります。

    Both ‘sihou‘ (四方) and ‘happou’ (八方) mean every direction, but in the narrow sense, the former means north, south, east and west, and the latter means northeast, northwest, southeast and northeast in addition to ‘sihou’.

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