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Yatsuatari (八つ当たり – Misdirected Anger)

  • Yatsuatari


    Today, I did an act called ‘yatsuatari‘ (八つ当たり).

    ‘Yatsuatari’ means that when you get angry with something, you lose calmness and take your anger out on unrelated people for no reason.

    Yatsu‘ (八つ) means “eight” and ‘atari‘ (当たり) means “to hit” or “to bump,” the literal meaning of ‘yatsuatari’ is “to bump something eight times (or eight directions).”
    「八つ」は “eight”、「当たり」は “to hit/bump” を意味するので、「八つ当たり」の文字どおりの意味は “to bump something eight times (or eight directions)” となります。

    In Japan, when describing every direction in the surroundings, we use the number eight, such as ‘happou‘ (八方 – literally “eight directions”)

    That is to say, ‘yatsuatari’ implies that you take your anger out toward surroundings.

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