【No. 0】
Jigou Jitoku (自業自得 – Having It Coming)

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    Jigou Jitoku


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese idiom ‘boketsu wo horu‘ (墓穴を掘る), which means to make a factor that ruins yourself with your own hands.

    Today, I would like to talk about the four-character idiom ‘jigou jitoku‘ (自業自得), which has a similar meaning to ‘boketsu wo horu’.

    Ji‘ (自) means “oneself,” ‘gou‘ (業) means “deed,” and ‘toku‘ (得) means “profit.”
    「自」は “oneself”、「業」は “deed”、「得」は “profit” を意味します。

    Originally, this idiom was a Buddhist term and is usually used to mean that your good or bad deed give you what you deserve.

    However, these days, this idiom is usually used to mean that you pay a price for your bad behavior.

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