Boketsu wo Horu (墓穴を掘る – Digging One’s Own Grave)

  • Boketsu wo Horu


    I sometimes do an act that is referred to as ‘boketsu wo horu‘ (墓穴を掘る) in Japanese.

    ‘Boketsu wo horu’ is an idiom that means to make a factor that ruins yourself with your own hands.

    Bo‘ (墓) means “grave” or “burial,” ‘ketsu‘ (穴) means “hole” or “pit,” and ‘horu‘ (掘る) means “to dig,” so the literal meaning of this idiom is “to dig a burial pit/grave.”
    「墓」は “grave” や “burial”、「穴」は “hole” や “pit”、「掘る」は “to dig” を意味するので、この慣用句の文字どおりの意味は “to dig a burial pit/grave” となります。

    It is omitted in the Japanese writing, but this idiom implies that the burial pit/grave is one’s own.

    In English, it can be translated as “to dig one’s own grave” or “to dig oneself into a hole.”
    英語では、”to dig one’s own grave” や “to dig oneself into a hole” のように言うことができます。

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