Nehori Hahori (根掘り葉掘り – Thoroughly)

  • Nehori Hahori


    Yesterday, I introduced the term ‘ne mo ha mo nai‘ (根も葉もない), which means that a theory/talk has no foundation.

    As another idiom that uses both ‘ne‘ (根) and ‘ha‘ (葉), there is ‘nehori hahori‘ (根掘り葉掘り).

    Ne‘ (根) means “root,” ‘ha‘ (葉) means “leaf,” and ‘hori‘ (掘り) means “to dig,” so the literal meaning of ‘nehori hahori’ is “to dig roots and leaves.”
    「根」は “root”、「葉」は “leaf”、「掘り」は “to ” を意味するので、「根掘り葉掘り」の文字どおりの意味は “to dig roots and leaves” となります。

    Since “root” implies an essence of things, this idiom has the meaning of “thoroughly.”

    Hahori‘ (葉掘り – “to dig leaves”) is a little semantically strange — this was just added to emphasize the meaning of ‘nehori‘ (根掘り – “to dig roots”) and adjust the rhythm of this idiom.

    [Example] ‘Kare wa kanojo no koto wo nehori hahori kiite kita‘ (彼は彼女のことを根掘り葉掘り聞いてきた – “He asked me about every detail of her”).

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