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Ne ni Motsu (根に持つ – Holding a Grudge)

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    Ne ni Motsu


    To hold a grudge for a long time is referred to as ‘ne ni motsu‘ (根に持つ) in Japanese.

    Since ‘ne‘ (根) means “root” and ‘motsu‘ (持つ) means “to have” or “to hold,” the literal meaning of ‘ne ni motsu’ is “to have/hold something with a root.”
    「根」は “root”、「持つ」は “to have” や “to hold” を意味するので、「根に持つ」の文字どおりの意味は “to have/hold something with a root” となります。

    Here, “root” implies a bottom of one’s heart.

    In addition, the object that ‘motsu’ points to is what you were suffered in the past.

    That is to say, ‘ne ni motsu’ implies that you remember what you were suffered in the past with the bottom of your heart.

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