Tachi Ōjō (立ち往生 – Gridlock)

  • Tachi Ōjō


    A traffic accident causing injury or death happened yesterday near the center of Tokyo, and many trains stopped, so many people did ‘tachi ōjō‘ (立ち往生) at platforms.

    The original meaning of ‘tachi ōjō’ is “to die while standing,” but now it usually means a state in which someone is incapable of moving.

    Tachi‘ (立ち) means “to stand,” and ‘ōjō‘ (往生) is a Buddhist term that means “to die” or “to die and born in the legitimate land of Buddha.”
    「立ち」は “to stand”、「往生」は仏教用語で「死んで仏の国に生まれること」や「死ぬこと」を意味します。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ‘tachi ōjō’ is equivalent to its original meaning.

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