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Stroke Order of the Letter ‘H’

  • Stroke order of alphabets are not decided exactly.

    ‘H’ の書き順

    However, there are common stroke order that are widely taught.

    And, I heard that only 20% of Japanese people can write the letter H at the correct stroke order.

    The correct stroke order of H is : write the left vertical bar, the right vertical bar, and the central horizontal bar.
    そして、その書き順で正しく ‘H’ を書ける日本人は2割程度だそうです。

    Most Japanese seem to write H at the following stroke order : the left vertical bar, the central horizontal bar, and the right vertical bar.
    ‘H’ は、左の縦棒、右の縦棒を書いてから、最後に横棒を書くのが正しい順番です。

    I was wrong too.

    By the way, the correct stroke order of the letter M is writing firstly left and right vertical bars, but I think most Japanese are wrong as well.

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