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The Meaning of “失笑

  • Today, I’d like to introduce the word “失笑,” which is misunderstood by many Japanese people.

    Although the true meaning of “失笑” is to burst out laughing, around 70% Japanese think it as to laugh scornfully.

    I think the reason why is that the main meaning of “失” is “lost.”

    If we read the sentence “笑いを失う,” we would think it as something like “it wasn’t funny thing.”

    However, the meaning of “失” in “失笑” is “mistake.”

    Therefore “失笑” means mistaking laughing, and it was extended to mean bursting out laughing.

    After you read this post, you would be more savvy about “失笑” than many Japanese people, but please be careful when you use it.

    Because many of us regard “失笑” as a bad meaning.

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