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Shitsugen (失言 – Slipping of the Tongue)

  • Shitugen


    I said several shitugen (失言) today.

    Shitsu (失) often means “to lose something,” but here it means “something accidentally gets out.”

    In addition, since gen (言) means “words,” shitsugen literally means “to accidentally say something that should not be said.”
    また、「言」は “words” を意味するので、「失言」は文字どおり「言うべきでないことをうっかり言ってしまうこと」を意味します。

    This post introduces another term, shisshō (失笑), using the same meaning as shitsu in shitsugen.

    Shō (笑) means “laughing.”
    「笑」は “laughing” を意味します。

    Shisshō is often misunderstood to mean “something is so silly that you can’t laugh at it” (a case where shitsu was mistakenly thought to mean “to lose something”), but it actually means “you can’t hold back your laughter where you should not laugh.”
    「失笑」は「笑いも出ないくらいあきれる」意味と勘違いされることがありますが(「失」を “to lose” と捉えた勘違い)、実際には「笑ってはいけない場面でこらえきれず笑ってしまう」ことを意味します。

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