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Chacha wo Ireru (茶々を入れる – Teasing)

  • Chacha wo Ireru


    Have you ever broken into a conversation of others, and said unnecessary things or cracks?

    Such an act is called “chacha wo ireru” (茶々を入れる) in Japanese.

    The “chacha” (茶々) contains the kanji, “茶,” which means “tea,” but this idiom doesn’t related to tea.
    (Incidentally, the kanji “々” means repetition the previous character.)
    「茶々」には “tea” を意味する「茶」という字が使われていますが、「お茶」とは関係ありません。

    One of the most accepted theories about its etymology is that it’s comes from “jaja” (邪邪).

    “Jaja” meant to disturb someone or act spoiled, and the theory states that “jaja” has changed into “chacha.”
    (“Jaja” is no longer used.)

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