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Ude ga Naru (腕が鳴る – Itching to Do)

  • Ude ga Naru


    Have you ever been excited due to a feeling that you want to show someone your skills or power?

    If you want to represent such a feeling, you can say the Japanese idiom “ude ga naru” (腕が鳴る).

    The “ude” (腕) means “arm,” the “naru” means “making a sound,” so the literal meaning of “ude ga naru” is “one’s arms make a sound.”
    「腕」は “arm,” 「鳴る」は “making a sound” を意味するので、「腕が鳴る」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s arms make a sound” となります。

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the etymology about this idiom.

    However, since “ude” can also mean “skill” or “power,” probably Japanese people thought that “ude” lets us know to want to be exerted by making a sound.

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