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Nimaijita (二枚舌 – Double Tongue)

  • There are several Japanese expressions that means to tell a lie.


    The term “nimaijita” (二枚舌) is one of them.

    The “nimai” (二枚) means “two pieces,” and the “jita/shita” (舌) means “tongue,” so the literal meaning of “nimaijita” is “two tongues.”

    However, this term is used to mean that someone tells a lie or say contradictory things.

    Since people who say lies or contradictions fluently are as if they have two tongues and each one says different things, this term has come to be used.

    Incidentally, today I learned English has a similar expression — “speaking with a forked tongue” means to tell a lie.
    英語でも同じように “speaking with a forked tongue” (枝分かれした舌で話す)と言うと、嘘をつくという意味になります。

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