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Kuchibashiru (口走る – Blurting Out)

  • Kuchibashiru


    To say something unconsciously is called kuchibashiru (口走る) in Japanese.

    Since kuchi (口) means “mouth” and bashiru/hashiru (走る) means “to run,” the literal meaning of kuchibashiru is “one’s mouth runs.”
    「口」は “mouth”、「走る」は “to run” を意味するので、「口走る」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s mouth runs” となります。

    This idiom is usually used when you say something you should not have said.

    For example, you can say kare no himitsu wo kuchibashitta (彼の秘密を口走った – “I blurted out his secret”).

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the etymology of this idiom on the Internet. Perhaps the word hashiru (走る) is used to describe that the mouth moves quickly on its own.

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