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Atezuppou (当てずっぽう – Random Guess)

  • If you do or say something irresponsible with no basis, you will be told “atezuppou” (当てずっぽう) in Japanese.


    “Atezuppou” means something like random guess, and it’s used like “Atezuppou na koto wo iuna” (当てずっぽうなことを言うな – Don’t say atezuppo things.)

    The most acceptable theory about its etymology is that it comes from the term “ate zuiryou” (当て推量), which has come to be used since the Edo period.

    Here “ate” (当て) means “prospect,” and “zuiryou/suiryou” (推量) means “guess.”

    The theory says that “ate zuiryou” became “atezui” for short, and it became “atezuibou” by personifying (“bou” is a suffix word that is sometimes added to boys’ names), and finally it became “atezuppou.”

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