Sound Characteristic of Japanese

  • Today, I learned about how Japanese language hears by foreigners.

    Firstly, Japanese language is thought to be spoken fast.

    We don’t think so, but we feel Chinese and Thai languages are spoken very fast.

    In fact, Japanese, Chinese and Thai languages are composed mainly of vowels, and there is no consecutive consonants.

    Therefore, these languages seems to sound like tongue twisters.

    Secondly, Japanese speakers seem to be thought as if they are angry.

    Since Japanese language have almost no accents, changes of intonations are less, it sounds like angry.

    Also, we need not to use high pitched sound in Japanese, so our voices tend to be low.

    This low voice is also related to the fact that Japanese speakers look like angry.

    I don’t know whether these information is a perfectly true, but I’d like to be careful when I speak to foreigners in Japanese.

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