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An Uncommon Culture of a Specific Area of Kyoto

  •  Today, I’d like to introduce an uncommon culture of Kyoto which is the famous city in Japan. I have some friend in Kyoto, and this is a culture that I heard from them. Note that this culture go for a specific area of Kyoto.

     In that area, people never criticize and make a derogatory remark on the surface. Also, people don’t praise others very much. Their wording is really beautiful and elegant. However, they need to understand the implication of their words each other, and it’s difficult for people who live in another area. Especially, we have to be careful when they praised others too much or they look like so kindly.

     For example, if they say “You’re good at playing the piano. I can sometimes hear your good playing at my home,” or “You have so vigorous children,” the true meaning of it is something like “It’s so noisy. Please be quiet.” Also, if they say “May I order some meal for lunch?,” it means “I want you to go back to your home soon.” Of course, it’s not necessarily that this rule is true. Hmm, it’s a complex culture.

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