Todo no Tsumari (とどのつまり – After All)

  • Todo no Tsumari


    When describing “at last” or “after all,” we sometimes say todo no tsumari (とどのつまり) in Japanese.

    It is thought that todo (とど) came from a fish name, and tsumari (つまり) means “to block up.”
    「とど」は魚の名前から来ており、「つまり」は “to block up” を意味する「詰まる」の名詞形であると考えられています。

    A fish called bora (ボラ – “mullet” in English) has different names depending on the growth stage, such as okobo (オコボ), subashiri (スバシリ), ina (イナ), bora (ボラ), and todo (トド).

    Here, todo is the last stage and implies that it will not get any bigger, and it came to have the meaning of “after all” by adding tsumari.

    The expression todo no tsumari is usually used when the result is not so good.

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