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Kaeru and Kawazu (「かえる」と「かわず」 – Frog)

  • Kaeru and Kawazu


    蛙, which means “frog,” can be read in two ways: kaeru (かえる) and kawazu (かわず/かわづ).
    “Frog” を意味する「蛙」は、「かえる」と「かわず/かわづ」の二つの読み方があります。

    The most common reading is the former, kaeru.

    The latter reading kawazu is rarely used in daily life. You can only find it in waka (traditional Japanese poems of thirty-one syllables) or proverbs.

    To the Japanese sense, kaeru sounds cute, whereas kawazu sounds formal or elegant.

    In fact, in the past, kaeru was used in spoken language, while kawazu was used as gago/miyabi-kotoba (雅語 – meaning “sophisticated word”).

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