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Shachihata (シャチハタ – Self-inking Rubber Stamp)

  • Shachihata


    In Japan, seals are still used in many situations.

    There are several types of seals, which are used according to the importance of the document, and the least legally effective seal is called shachihata (シヤチハタ).

    Shachihata is a mass-produced and useful rubber stamp, but it has no legal validity because it is difficult to authenticate the person’s identity and is prone to deterioration.

    Shachihata is also the name of the company that sells shachihata, and the name came from the fact that a flag (hata (旗) in Japanese) with a golden dolphin (kin no shachihoko (金のシャチホコ) in Japanese), which is the symbol of Nagoya Castle, was used as the product design.

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