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Kai Goroshi (飼い殺し – Keeping Somebody on the Payroll)

  • Kai Goroshi


    When someone does not receive appropriate treatment in organizations or human relationships and is left unattended, the situation is sometimes described as kai goroshi (飼い殺し) in Japanese.

    Since kai (飼い) means “to keep (animals)” and goroshi/koroshi (殺し) means “to kill,” the literal meaning of kai goroshi is “to keep and kill something.”
    「飼い」は “to keep (animals)”、「殺し」は “to kill” を意味するので、「飼い殺し」の文字どおりの意味は “to keep and kill something” となります。

    Originally, this phrase was used to mean that useless animals were kept until they died.

    Later, it came to be used to mean “to hire someone in a job without giving them an appropriate position” or “a situation where someone refuses to leave his/her lover even though there is no romantic interest.”

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