Mago ni mo Ishō (馬子にも衣装 – Fine Feathers Make Fine Bird)

  • Mago ni mo Ishō


    Anyone can look respectable if they are well-dressed.

    To describe the situation, you can use the proverb, mago ni mo ishō (馬子にも衣装).

    Mago (馬子) is a person whose job is to lead a horse to help carry people and luggage, and here it is a metaphor for a person who is low in status and looks shabby.

    In addition, ishō (衣装) means “clothes.”
    また、「衣装」は “clothes” を意味します。

    In other words, this proverb says that even people who are low in status or look shabby can look respectable (deceive others) by dressing up.

    This proverb is usually used for modesty or teasing, so please be careful when referring to other people.

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