Ishi no Ue ni mo San-nen (石の上にも三年 – Perseverance Pays Dividends)

  • Ishi no Ue ni mo San-nen


    Today I would like to introduce a Japanese proverb, ishi no ue ni mo san-nen (石の上にも三年).

    Imagine the true meaning of the proverb from its literal meaning.

    Since ishi (石) means “stone,” ue (上) means “on top,” san (三) means “three,” and nen (年) means “year,” the literal meaning of ishi no ue ni mo san-nen is “three years on a stone.”
    「石」は “stone”、「上に」は “on”、「三」は “three”、「年」は “year” を意味するので、「石の上にも三年」の文字どおりの意味は “three years on a stone” となります。

    Even if a stone is hard and cold, if you sit on the stone for a long time, such as three years, it will become warm.

    Therefore, this proverb means that perseverance and patience will always bring good result one day.

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