Sankan Shion (三寒四温 – A Cycle of Three Cold Days and Four Warm Days)

  • Sankan Shion


    Recently, warm and cold days have been repeating every few days.

    Such weather seen from winter to spring is called sankan shion (三寒四温).

    Since san (三) means “three,” kan (寒) means “cold,” shi (四) means “four,” and on (温) means “warm,” the literal meaning of this four-character idiom is “three cold (days) and four warm (days).”
    「三」は “three”、「寒」は “cold”、「四」は “four”、「温」は “warm” を意味するので、「三寒四温」の文字通りの意味は “three cold and four warm (days)” となります。

    In other words, three warm days will be after three cold days.

    Originally, this proverb describes the features of the winter climate in northeastern China and the Korean penisula, whereas such a climate is seen only once a year or less in Japan.

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