Gunte (軍手 – Work Gloves)

  • Gunte


    White knitted work gloves are called gunte (軍手) in Japanese.

    The term gunte is an abbreviation for gun-yō tebukuro (軍用手袋).

    Since gunyō (軍用) means “military’ and tebukuro (手袋) means “gloves,” the literal meaning of gunyō tebukuro is “military gloves.”
    「軍用」は “military”、「手袋」は “gloves” を意味するので、「軍用手袋」の文字どおりの意味は “militaly gloves” となります。

    This term came from the fact that such gloves were once used by former soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army. However, gunte is now widely used by the general public as inexpensive and durable work gloves.

    Incidentally, one of the gunte gloves is sometimes left on the road in Japan.

    This is thought to be because truck drivers cover their fuel tank caps with gunte.

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