Akusen Mi ni Tsukazu (悪銭身に付かず – Easy Come, Easy Go)

  • Akusen Mi ni Tsukazu


    Have you ever won money easily through lottery or gambling?

    Even if you obtain money through such gambling or illegal means, you will spend it quickly and won’t save.

    This can be described as the Japanese saying akusen mi ni tsukazu (悪銭身に付かず).

    Since aku (悪) means “bad,” sen (銭) means “money,” mi (身) means “body,” and tsukazu (付かず) means “don’t stick to,” akusen mi ni tsukazu literally means “bad money (easy money) doesn’t stick to one’s body.”
    「悪」は “bad”、「銭」は “money”、「身」は “body”、「付かず」は “don’t stick to” を意味するので、「悪銭身に付かず」の意味は文字どおり “bad money (easy money) doesn’t stick to one’s body” となります。

    In my case, even the money I worked hard to earn doesn’t stick to me very well.

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