Abuku Zeni (あぶく銭 – Easy Money)

  • Abuku Zeni


    In yesterday’s post, I introduced the saying akusen mi ni tsukazu (悪銭身に付かず), which means that money obtained without hard work can easily go away.

    Such money is also called abuku zeni (あぶく銭).

    Abuku (あぶく) is short for awabuku (泡吹く), where awa (泡) means “bubble” and buku/fuku (吹く) means “to foam/blow.”
    「あぶく」は「泡吹く」の略で、「泡」は “bubble”、「吹く」は “to foam/blow” を意味します。

    In addition, zeni (銭) means “money,” so the literal meaning of abuku zeni is “bubbling money.”
    また、「銭」は “money” を意味するので、「あぶく銭」の文字どおりの意味は “bubbling money” となります。

    Money obtained through gambling or illegal means will go away, soon just like bubbles.

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