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Mochi wa Mochiya (餅は餅屋 – The Expert Know Best)

  • Mochi wa Mochiya


    No matter what the work is, the expert will always do a much better quality job than the amateurs.

    To explain this fact, you can use the Japanese proverb, mochi wa mochiya (餅は餅屋).

    Since mochi (餅) means “(traditional Japanese) rice cake,” and mochiya (餅屋) means “rice cake shop,” the literal meaning of mochi wa mochiya is “(good) rice cakes are (sold) in rice cake shops.”
    「餅」は “(traditional Japanese) rice cake”、「餅屋」は “rice cake shop” を意味するので、「餅は餅屋」の文字どおりの意味は “(good) rice cakes are (sold) in rice cake shops” となります。

    In other words, the most delicious rice cakes are made at rice cake shops.

    In practice, this proverb is often used when asking experts to repair plumbing or home electronics.

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