Furyō (不良 – Bad State/Boy/Girl)

  • Furyō


    When a thing or situation is bad, we use the term furyō (不良) to describe its state.

    Since fu (不) means “not” and ryō (良) means “good,” the literal meaning of furyō is “not good.”
    「不」は “not”、「良」は “good” を意味するので、「不良」の文字どおりの意味は “not good” となります。

    This term is often used as an abbreviation for furyō kōi shōnen (不良行為少年).

    Since kōi (行為) means “action” and shōnen (少年) means “boy,” furyō kōi shōnen literally means “a boy (or a girl) who acts badly.”
    「行為」は “action”、「少年」は “boy” を意味するので、「不良行為少年」は文字どおり “a boy (or a girl) who taking bad actions” という意味になります。

    It can be simply translated into English as “bad boy” or “bad girl.”
    英語では単に “bad boy” や “bad girl” と呼ばれます。

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