Tsuppari and Sukeban (「ツッパリ」と「スケバン」 – Bad Boy/Girl)

  • Tsuppari and Sukeban


    In my post in the last two days, I introduced the terms furyō (不良) and yankī (ヤンキー), both of which means “bad boy/girl.”

    These terms are still used today, but in the 1970s and 1980s, tsuppari (ツッパリ) and sukeban (スケバン) were often used to refer to bad boys and bad girls, respectively.

    Tsupparu comes from tsupparu (突っ張る), which means “pushing,” and it represents disobedience against the rules of school and society.
    「ツッパリ」は “pushing” を意味する「突っ張る」から来ており、学校や社会のルールに反抗するさまを表しています。

    Sukeban is a combination of suke (スケ meaning “woman”) and banchō (番長 – meaning “school gang leader”).
    「スケバン」は “woman” を意味する「スケ」と、”school gang leader” を意味する「番長」を組み合わせて生まれた言葉だと考えられています。

    Both are rarely used nowadays.

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