Yankī (ヤンキー – “bad boy/girl”)

  • Yankī


    In my post yesterday, I introduced the Japanese term furyō (不良), which means “bad state/boy/girl.”
    昨日は “bad state/boy/girl” を意味する「不良」という言葉を紹介しました。

    To express “bad boy/girl,” you can also say yankī (ヤンキー) instead of furyō.
    “Bad boy/girl” を意味する俗称として、「ヤンキー」という言葉もあります。

    Yankī came from the slang term “Yankee,” which refers to people from the northern United States.
    「ヤンキー」は、北部アメリカ人を意味する俗語 Yankee から来ています。

    In Japan, young people who wander the streets while wearing flashy clothes such as Hawaiian shirts were called yankī. Later, yankī came to refer to “bad boy/girl.”

    Incidentally, when a yankī is not so aggressive and bad, and loves their hometown, he/she is sometimes called mairudo yankī (マイルドヤンキー – “mild-mannered bad boy/girl”).

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