Mī-Hā (ミーハー – A Person Who Follow the Crowd)

  • Mī-Hā


    I think I am a mī-hā (ミーハー).

    A mī-hā is a person who is crazy about following trends, even though he or she is not actually interested in them.

    It is thought that mī-hā is short for mī-chan hā-chan (みいちゃんはあちゃん)

    There are several theories about the etymology of mī-chan hā-chan. The most accepted theory is as follows:

    In Japan at the beginning of 1900, when this phrase originated, there were many women whose names started with mi (み) and ha (は), such as miyo (みよ) and hana (はな).

    Because of this, mī-chan hā-chan became a slang term that means young women, and later, it came to have the above meaning.

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