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Gachōn (がちょーん) by Amazon Echo

  • Gachōn by Amazon Echo

    がちょーん(Amazon Echo)

    Yesterday, I bought an Amazon Echo.
    昨日、Amazon Echo を購入しました。

    When I said Arekusa, nandemo-nai (アレクサ、何でもない – “Alexa, never mind”), she said gachōn (がちょーん) to me.

    Gachōn (がちょーん) is a gag by the Japanese comedian “TANI Kei,” and it is used when feeling cornered, but the sound itself has no meaning.

    This gag was widely used about 50 years ago in Japan.

    Incidentally, when I said gachōn to Alexa, she said more of Tani Kei’s gags, such as gachōn, gachon, gachon, gachōn or gachōn, birōn, muhyō.
    さらに、「Alexa, がちょーん」と言うと、「がちょーん、がちょん、がちょん、がちょーん」や「がちょーん、びろーん、むひょー」と、谷啓の他のギャグが返ってきました。

    It was a little fun.

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