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Tsuratan (つらたん – Painful)

  • Tsuratan


    I would like to say “tsuratan” (つらたん) now.

    “Tsuratan” is an Internet slang term used by mainly young people, and it represents a bad/painful feeling.

    The “tsura” (つら) of “tsuratan” comes from the Japanese verb “tsurai” (辛い), which means “painful” or “tough,” but the “tan” (たん) has no meaning.

    It is said that young people added “tan” just because it sounds cute.

    This term ranked as the first on “Gyaru Ryukogo Taisho” (ギャル流行語大賞 – Girls’ Keywords-of-the-Year contest) in 2012. However, I’m not sure how often it is used among young people currently.

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