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Mawaranai Sushi (回らない寿司) Part 1

  • Mawaranai Sushi Part 1

    回らない寿司 Part 1

    September 1st was my birthday, so my friend and I did something special.

    It is to go to eat mawaranai sushi (回らない寿司).

    Since mawaru (回る) means “to rotate,” nai (ない) is the negative suffix, and sushi (寿司) means “sushi” (a traditional Japanese cuisine), the literal meaning of ‘mawaranai sushi’ is “sushi that does not rotate.”
    「回る」は “to rotate”、「ない」は否定語、「寿司」は “sushi” を意味するので、「回らない寿司」の文字どおりの意味は “sushi that does not rotate” です。

    To tell you the truth, mawaranai sushi is a slang term that was made as an antonym of kaiten zushi (回転寿司), the literal meaning of which is “rotating sushi.”

    To be continued.

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