Mawaranai Sushi (回らない寿司) Part 2

  • Mawaranai Sushi Part 2

    回らない寿司 Part 2

    This entry continues from yesterday’s one.

    The name of kaiten zushi (回転寿司 – the literal meaning is “rotating sushi”) was derived from the fact that sushis are placed on a conveyor and go around in the restaurant.

    Restaurants of kaiten zushi often serve sushi made with machines, so Japanese people usually have a cheap image of such restaurants.

    Because of this, sushi made by sushi chefs are sometimes described as mawaranai sushi (回らない寿司 – the literal meaning is “not rotating sushi”); in other words, it implies high-class sushi.

    Incidentally, kaiten zushi is translated into English as “conveyor belt sushi,” “sushi-go-round” or “sushi train.”
    ちなみに、「回転寿司」は英語で “conveyor belt sushi” や “sushi-go-round”、”sushi train” のように表現されます。

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