Pāpeki (パーペキ – Perfect)

  • Pāpeki


    Today, I noticed that the slang term pāpeki (パーペキ) was used.

    Pāpeki is a composite term that combines the English word “perfect” and the Japanese word kanpeki (完璧 – “perfect”).
    「パーペキ」は英語の “perfect” と日本語の「完璧」を組合せた合成語です。

    Its meaning is basically the same as “perfect,” but it can be more emphasized by combining two words having the same meaning.
    意味は基本的に “perfect” と同じですが、二つ同じ意味の語を組み合わせることで、その意味合いはより強調されています。

    Pāpeki seems to have been widely used by young people around 30 to 40 years ago, but these days it is becoming a dead word.

    However, I think that most Japanese people can imagine the meaning of pāpeki if only to hear the sound.

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