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Omatsuri Kakaku (お祭り価格 – Festival Price)

  • Omatsuri Kakaku


    Yesterday, I bought some yakisoba (fried noodles) at a university festival that was set at an omatsuri kakaku (お祭り価格).

    Since omatsuri (お祭り) means “festival,’ and kakaku (価格) means “price,” the literal meanign of omatsuri kakaku is “festival prive.”
    「お祭り」は “festival”、「価格」は “price” を意味するので、「お祭り価格」の文字どおりの意味は “festival price” となります。

    Omatsuri kakaku is a phenomenon often seen at Japanese festivals and events where prices of foods and goods are set higher than usual.

    Caught up in the festival’s fun atmosphere or valuing the special experiences unique to the event, visitors tend to pay higher prices without thinking too much about them.

    Please be careful that there may be cases where the omatsuri kakaku is unusually high.

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